Lighting Accessories

Professional Lighting Accessories for a Range of Lighting Installations and Touring Scenarios.

Lighting Accessories
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Showing 1–18 of 180 results

Lighting Accessories

LED lighting accessories enhance the functionality, protection and aesthetic appeal of your lighting setup. From versatile DMX controllers to reliable power supplies and lighting bags and cases, we offer a wide range of accessories to elevate your LED lighting experience.

Essential Lighting Accessories for Enhanced Illumination

Whether you’re a stage performer or an event organiser, our wide selection of lighting accessories is specifically curated to enhance your lighting setup. We offer a diverse range of products, including practical mounting hardware, essential power cables, and innovative DMX controllers. With these tools at your disposal, you can effortlessly create captivating visual effects that will elevate your performances or events. Discover our comprehensive collection and unlock a whole new level of lighting experience. Embrace the possibilities and let your creativity shine with our exceptional lighting accessories.

Lighting Mounting Hardware

Achieve optimum positioning and stability for your lighting fixtures with our premium mounting hardware. Our selection includes versatile lighting clamps, brackets, and stands that provide secure attachment options for different lighting setups. Whether you need to mount lights on trusses, stands, or walls, our range of hardware ensures stability and flexibility. We offer durable and adjustable mounting solutions to accommodate various lighting fixtures, including stage lights, par cans, moving heads, and more. With our reliable mounting hardware, you can effortlessly position your lights for optimal coverage and create captivating lighting arrangements.

Power Cables and Extensions

Ensure a consistent and reliable power supply to your lighting fixtures with our extensive range of high-quality power cables and extensions. Whether you need short or long cables, varying gauges, or specific connectors, we have the perfect solution to meet your unique requirements. Our meticulously designed cables guarantee stable power distribution, effectively preventing any voltage drops and ensuring uninterrupted illumination across your entire setup. To further enhance flexibility, we offer power extensions that enable you to extend the reach of your power sources, allowing for optimal placement of your lights. By investing in our trustworthy power cables and extensions, you can enjoy seamless operation and eliminate any power-related concerns during performances or events, giving you complete peace of mind.

DMX Controllers and Interfaces

Take full command over your lighting effects with our cutting-edge DMX controllers and interfaces. Our comprehensive range encompasses a diverse selection of feature-rich controllers, granting you precise and effortless control over your lighting setup.
From straightforward manual controllers to sophisticated software-based interfaces, we cater to users of all skill levels. Effortlessly modify colour schemes, adjust intensity, employ captivating strobing effects, and more, all with unrivalled ease. Our DMX controllers seamlessly integrate with an extensive array of lighting fixtures, empowering you to synchronise and govern multiple lights simultaneously.
With their user-friendly interfaces and programmable capabilities, you can unlock boundless opportunities for crafting mesmerising lighting displays. Unleash your creativity and captivate audiences with our exceptional assortment of DMX controllers and interfaces, enabling you to deliver breathtaking lighting experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Browse Our Collection Today

We offer a comprehensive range of lighting accessories to enhance your lighting setup. Our top-quality mounting hardware ensures stability and flexibility, while our power cables and extensions guarantee a reliable power supply. A wide selection of lighting stands are available to suit different sized events and venues, ensuring your fixtures are positioned optimally and safely for the best effects. With our advanced DMX controllers and interfaces, you have full control over your lighting effects.