BeamZ B2500 Professional Bubble Machine


Key Features

  • Powerful professional bubble machine
  • Dual bubble wand wheels for large coverage
  • 2.5L fluid tank capacity for minimal refills
  • Wireless remote control for convenient activation
  • Built-in rotating wheels and carry handle
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The Beamz B2500 Professional Bubble Machine stands as a testament to innovation in professional bubble maker technology. Designed for substantial events and venues, this pro bubble machine is engineered to deliver a powerful performance. Its robust build and efficient operation make it an ideal choice for theatres, weddings, and larger-scale events where the ambiance is key. The high output of bubbles creates a magical atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

A standout feature of the Beamz B2500 is its dual bubble wand wheels. This design ensures a vast coverage area, filling spaces with an enchanting bubble display. The dual wands work simultaneously to produce an abundance of bubbles, ensuring that every corner of the venue is touched by their whimsical presence. This feature is particularly beneficial for large-scale events, where consistent and widespread bubble output is essential for creating a uniform and immersive environment.

The convenience of operation is significantly boosted by the machine’s substantial 2.5L fluid tank capacity. This sizeable tank minimises the need for frequent refills, allowing for uninterrupted bubble production over extended periods. This is particularly advantageous during long events, as it reduces the need for constant maintenance, ensuring that the focus remains on the event itself, not on the operation of the equipment.

Enhancing its user-friendly design, the Beamz B2500 comes equipped with a wireless remote control. This feature allows for convenient activation and control of the machine from a distance, providing flexibility and ease of use for the operator. The ability to remotely manage the bubble output means that the machine can be placed strategically without worrying about accessibility for manual operation, thereby streamlining event management.

Lastly, the Beamz B2500 is designed with mobility in mind, featuring built-in rotating base wheels and a top carry handle. This thoughtful addition makes transportation and positioning of the machine effortless, even in dynamic event settings. The rotating wheels ensure smooth movement across various surfaces, while the carry handle provides a secure grip for lifting and maneuvering, making the machine a practical and versatile choice for professional lighting applications.

Key Details

  • Powerful professional bubble machine that is perfect for weddings, theatres, and club environments
  • Dual bubble wand wheels and a powerful fan for large coverage in a variety of spaces
  • 2.5L fluid tank capacity for minimal refills, providing a high volume of bubbles over an extended period
  • Wireless remote control for convenient activation of the machine from a distance
  • Built-in rotating wheels and carry handle for simple manoeuvrability and movement


  • Large double bubble wheels
  • Powerful double blower fans
  • Works with C2-IEC wireless remote
  • Handgrip
  • Great for weddings and kids' parties
  • Suitable for use outdoors but ensure cover


  • Consumption: 100W
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac / 50Hz
  • Height: 470mm
  • Width: 510mm
  • Depth: 410mm
  • Weight: 9.45Kg
  • MPN: 160.569

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Power Rating

100W – 199W

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