BeamZ DMX65W Battery Powered Wireless DMX Lighting Controller


Key Features

  • Compact battery-powered DMX controller
  • Wireless DMX transmitter for use with BeamZ uplighters
  • Also compatible with wire-based DMX (RJ45 to XLR and USB)
  • 30 DMX channels with 7 DMX universes
  • OLED display with a built-in timer function
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The Beamz DMX65W is a compact, battery-powered DMX controller, designed to offer flexibility and convenience for a wide range of lighting setups. As a wireless DMX controller, it is particularly suited for scenarios where mobility and ease of setup are key, such as mobile DJ events, outdoor venues, and temporary installations. The compact size of the DMX65W makes it highly portable, allowing for quick and effortless transport and setup, while its battery-powered design ensures reliable operation without the need for constant power supply.

This controller features a wireless DMX transmitter, making it an ideal companion for use with BeamZ uplighters. The wireless capability of the DMX65W extends its usability, allowing for seamless communication with compatible lights without the need for cumbersome cabling. This wireless feature enhances the aesthetic of any event by reducing clutter and simplifying the overall setup, making it a perfect choice for events where appearance and ease of use are paramount.

In addition to its wireless functionality, the Beamz DMX65W is also compatible with wire-based DMX systems. It includes an RJ45 to XLR and USB interface, offering versatility in connecting to a variety of lighting fixtures. This dual compatibility makes the DMX65W a versatile DMX LED controller, suitable for a range of lighting environments, from traditional stage setups to modern LED installations. Whether used in a wired or wireless capacity, the DMX65W provides robust and reliable control over your lighting fixtures.

Offering 30 DMX channels across 7 DMX universes, the Beamz DMX65W provides ample control for a variety of lighting needs. This expansive range of channels and universes allows for the operation of multiple fixtures and the creation of complex lighting scenes. The flexibility in channel and universe allocation makes this controller an ideal choice for both simple and intricate lighting designs, catering to the needs of various event types and sizes.

The DMX65W is equipped with an OLED display, enhancing its ease of use with clear and concise information. The built-in timer function on the display allows for pre-programmed lighting changes, adding an extra layer of convenience and automation to your lighting setup. This feature is particularly useful in situations where timing is crucial, such as in theatrical performances or timed events. The OLED display and built-in timer function make the Beamz DMX65W a user-friendly and efficient wireless DMX controller, ideal for a wide range of lighting applications.

Key Details

  • Compact battery-powered DMX controller for temporary installations and events
  • Wireless DMX transmitter for cable-free use with compatible BeamZ uplighters
  • Also compatible with wire-based DMX (RJ45 to XLR and USB) for versatile usage
  • 30 DMX channels with 7 DMX universes allow multiple fixtures to be controlled simultaneously
  • OLED display with a built-in timer function for automatic pre-programmed light shows


  • Compact design and easy operation
  • Wireless DMX transmitter (in combination with 154.077 or with uplighters)
  • Also compatible with wire-based DMX: RJ45 to XLR and USB
  • 30 DMX Channels
  • 7 DMX Universes
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery power indicator
  • OLED display with timer function
  • Work Frequency: 2.4GHz


  • DMX Connector: Wireless DMX RJ45
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (5V Adapter)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 130 x 150 x 40mm
  • Weight (kg): 0.4
  • MPN: 154.067

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