BeamZ F900 Fazer Haze Machine


Key Features

  • 900W haze machine system
  • 4 minute heat up time
  • 85m³ per minute coverage
  • Wired remote with timer
  • Removable 900ml fluid tank
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The BeamZ F900 is a compact 900W haze machine, ideal for creating a thin, atmospheric mist in smaller venues. This haze machine is perfect for enhancing the visual impact of various events, providing a subtle yet effective atmospheric effect that enhances the visibility of your effects lighting system.

With a quick heat-up time of just 4 minutes, the F900 is efficient and ready for use almost immediately. This quick preparation time is essential for event setups where time is of the essence, and a thermostat control ensures the system does not overheat during extended periods of operation.

The machine offers an impressive coverage of 85 cubic meters per minute, ensuring that a fine haze fills the room quickly and evenly. This coverage is particularly effective for small to medium-sized venues, enhancing venue lighting effects and creating the desired ambiance.

The F900 comes with a wired remote control, featuring timer settings for smoke interval and duration. This allows for precise control over the haze output, making it easier to maintain the desired atmospheric effect throughout an event.

Equipped with a generous 900ml fluid tank, the F900 can operate for extended periods without the need for frequent refills. The removable design of the tank makes it easy to refill and maintain, ensuring the hazer machine is always ready for your event needs.

Key Details

  • 900W haze machine designed for professional use, producing a continuous, thin mist, ideal for enhancing the ambiance in small to medium-sized venues.
  • With a quick 4-minute warm-up period, the F900 ensures minimal wait time before it’s ready for use, making it suitable for time-sensitive event setups.
  • Capable of covering up to 85m³ per minute, it quickly fills spaces with a fine haze, enhancing lighting effects and creating an immersive atmosphere.
  • Includes a remote control with a timer function, allowing for precise adjustment of output intervals and duration, ideal for maintaining a consistent haze effect during events.
  • Removable 900ml fluid tank for prolonged operation, reducing the need for frequent refills. The tank’s removable design simplifies maintenance and refilling.


  • Softer, finer mist
  • Complete 900W haze machine
  • Works with normal smoke fluid
  • Continuous production of haze where required
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • 900ml fluid tank
  • Wired remote with level controller 5m cable
  • Short heat-up time


  • Heating element: 900W
  • Smoke volume per minute: 85m3
  • Heat up time: 4 minutes
  • Tank capacity: 900ml
  • Power supply: 220 - 240Vac / 50Hz
  • Weight: 4.7Kg
  • Height: 170mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Length: 420mm
  • MPN: 160.507

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Power Rating

500W – 999W

Flight Case



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