BeamZ Professional Fuze75B Moving Head Beam Lights with Flightcase


Key Features

  • 75W moving beam lights with flightcase
  • Rotating Gobo wheel with shake, and an 8-facet prism
  • High-power white LED with a 12-colour wheel
  • Sound-reactive pre-programmed shows
  • DMX with master/slave synchronisation
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BeamZ Professional Fuze75B Moving Head Beam Lights with Flightcase

The BeamZ Professional Fuze75B epitomizes cutting-edge event lighting, combining robust performance and portability in one package. This set features a pair of 75W moving beam lights, engineered for precision and intensity. Housed in a durable flightcase, the lights promise ease of transport and protection, making them ideal for touring bands and event lighting professionals. The high output fresnel design ensures brilliant illumination, transforming any venue into a dynamic visual experience.

The BeamZ Fuze75B is not just a lighting fixture; it's an intelligent performer. It features sound-reactive pre-programmed shows, making it a perfect match for dynamic, beat-driven events. Whether it's a live concert or a bustling nightclub, these moving head beam lights adapt to the rhythm of the music, offering a synchronized audio-visual experience.

Built to last with high-performance motors and 17 Gobo set that make them ideal for installed club lighting, the Fuse75B provides incredible colour and beam definition from its high-quality optics and choice of DMX or stand-alone modes.

High-Power White LED with a 12-Colour Wheel

At the heart of these beam moving head lights is a high-power white LED system, complemented by a 12-colour wheel. This offers an extensive palette of vivid colours, enabling the creation of atmospheric and thematic lighting scenes.

From deep blues to vibrant reds, it’s a versatile tool for stage lighting and club lighting designers.

Fuze75B moving beam light Colour Wheels
Fuze75B Moving Head Lights Gobo Patterns and Prism

Rotating Gobo Wheel with Shake, and an 8-Facet Prism

Innovative in design, the Fuze75B moving beam boasts a rotating 17-position Gobo wheel, complete with a shake effect and an 8-facet rotating prism allowing for intricate patterns and captivating visual effects.

With a shake effect and features such as strobing and electronic dimming you can create spectacular light displays perfect for clubs and large-scale events.

DMX with Master/Slave Synchronisation

For ultimate control, the Fuze75B is equipped with DMX capabilities, including master/slave synchronisation allowing multiple units to be operated in unison, creating cohesive and complex lighting arrangements.

Whether you’re managing a single event or a touring show, DMX offers precision control over every aspect of your event lighting, from intensity to colour transitions.

Fuze75B Moving Head Light DMX and Synchronisation

Key Details

  • Set of two moving head lights with 2-degree angle for a narrow and focused beam of light with a wide range of movement
  • 10 or 12 DMX channels with strobe, dimmer (0-100%), colour changing, gobo wheel control and pan and tilt functions
  • Adjustable tilt of 360 degree, 540 degree or 630 degree, pan between 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree
  • Rotatable 8-facet prism enhances the beam output with 8 refracted light beams
  • Auto-mode operates on pre-programmed shows, sound activation mode makes the light react to audio picked up by the built-in microphone
  • Gobo wheel has 17 different patterns with an open spot for white
  • 12 colour wheel with open slot for white
  • Master/slave function for simple synchronisation of multiple fixtures
  • Heavy-duty flight case for protected transportation and storage for two Fuse75B


  • Solid flightcase supplied with 2x Fuze75B moving heads


  • Colour temperature: 8000K
  • Weight: 1.0000
  • MPN: 150.385

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Power Rating

50W – 99W

Light Colours


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