BeamZ Professional Pandora 1600 TTL Laser Light – 1.3W RGB


Key Features

  • Powerful colour laser system
  • TTL RGB modulation for 7 colour pallete
  • 25K optical scanning motors for tight light beams
  • DMX control with 12 or 23-channel operation
  • Sound-activated with automated show mode
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The BeamZ Professional Pandora 1600 Laser Light Projector stands out as a pinnacle in laser stage lighting, offering a powerful colour laser system that ensures vibrant and dynamic visuals. This high-intensity TTL laser light projector is specifically engineered to cater to professional settings, making it an ideal choice for event lighting installations.

Its robust output and radiant colours can effortlessly transform any space, making it a go-to solution for those seeking impactful club lights or an immersive atmosphere in various venues.

The sound-activated feature of the Pandora 1600 elevates it beyond traditional event lighting, making it a dynamic and responsive addition to any event. This laser light projector can synchronize with the beat of the music, creating an immersive and interactive experience for audiences. Additionally, the automated show mode offers a hassle-free operation, ideal for situations where manual control is not feasible, ensuring that the visual spectacle continues uninterrupted and in perfect harmony with the event’s atmosphere.

TTL RGB Modulation for 7 Colour Palette

Equipped with TTL RGB modulation, the Pandora 1600 takes laser club lights to a new level by offering a seven-colour palette. This allows for the precise blending of colours, creating a spectrum of hues that add depth and dimension to any stage or event setting. Every colour is vivid and accurately represented.

25K Optical Scanning for Tight Beams

The integration of 25K optical scanning enables the projection of exceptionally tight and well-defined light beams, essential for rave lasers and high-energy environments. The precision of these beams adds a layer of professionalism and sophistication to any lighting display, ensuring that each ray of light is sharp and focused.

DMX Control with 12 or 23-Channel Operation

Flexibility in control is crucial in professional lighting setups, and the Pandora 1600 addresses this with up to 23 channels of DMX operation. This allows for seamless integration into existing lighting systems and provides users with extensive control over the laser display, including rotation, rolling, and X/Y size inverter control.

Key Details

  • Powerful RGB stage laser light for small and large applications
  • TTL RGB colour modulation to achieve a total of 7 different colours
  • Red (300mW), Green (200mW), and Blue (800mW)
  • 25K optical scanning system that ensures the light beams are tight and focused for an impressive effect
  • DMX with 12 or 23-channel operation for total fixture control
  • Sound-to-light mode with adjustable sensitivity and auto pattern creation
  • ILDA connection for animation through software
  • Angle adjustable hanging bracket with secure locking


  • Red (300mW) Green (200mW) and Blue (800mW) Powerful laser
  • Guaranteed 1.3W output
  • TTL RGB colour modulation
  • 25K high speed optical scanner system
  • X- and Y-Size inverter
  • DMX and Stand-alone mode
  • 12 or 23 DMX channels
  • Master/slave function
  • Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto mode
  • Pre programmed shows
  • DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR
  • Control panel with LED display


  • DMX channels: 12 23
  • DMX connector: 3-pin XLR
  • ILDA Connector: DB25
  • Laser Red: 300mW @ 635nm
  • Laser Green: 200mW @ 532nm
  • Laser Blue: 800mW @ 447nm
  • Scanner system: 25kpps @ 8 degree
  • Guaranteed output (99mW): 1300mW
  • Maximum output (99mW): 1600mW
  • Power consumption: 80W
  • Power supply: 100-240VAC 50Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 243 x 295 x 128mm
  • Weight: 5.1000
  • MPN: 152.518

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Laser Power

1W – 1.99W


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