BeamZ Star-Color128 LED Architectural Flood Light – IP65 16x8W RGBW


Key Features

  • Weatherproof LED wall wash flood light
  • 16x 8W RGBW colour mixing LEDs
  • Aluminium construction with convection cooling
  • IP65 with -20 to +40 degree operation for outdoor installation
  • Up to 10 channel DMX control or stand-alone modes
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BeamZ Star-Color128 LED Architectural Flood Light - IP65 16x8W RGBW £249.00

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BeamZ Star-Color128 LED Architectural Flood Light - IP65 16x8W RGBW

Introducing the BeamZ StarColor128, an exceptional LED architectural flood light that redefines the standards for outdoor illumination. As a premier solution in architectural lighting, the StarColor128 is specifically designed to accentuate and enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings and landscapes. Its 16x8W RGBW LEDs deliver vibrant colours, making it an ideal choice for an outdoor wall wash, capable of transforming any structure into a visual masterpiece.

Crafted with an IP65 rating, this LED flood light epitomizes weatherproof lighting, ensuring resilience and reliability in all weather conditions. Whether it's illuminating a facade, highlighting landscape features, or creating an inviting outdoor ambience, the StarColor128 offers unparalleled performance. Its robust construction and cutting-edge LED technology provide a perfect blend of durability and efficiency.

The BeamZ StarColor128 is more than just a light; it's an integral component of any architectural project. Its ability to bring structures to life with stunning colour and light makes it an essential tool for architects, designers, and property owners seeking to elevate their spaces. With the StarColor128, architectural lighting is not only functional but also an art form, adding beauty and value to any environment.

16x 8W RGBW Colour Mixing LEDs

Featuring 16x 8W RGBW LEDs, the StarColor128 offers exceptional colour mixing, bringing a wide range of vibrant hues to any setting.

This advanced LED technology is ideal for creating dynamic outdoor wall wash effects, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings and structures with rich, saturated colours.

Star-Color128 LED Architectural Flood Light RGBW Colour Mixing
Star-Color128 Flood Light IP65 Outdoor Operation

IP65 with -20 to +40 Degree Operation for Outdoor Installation

The StarColor128 boasts an IP65 rating, ensuring it’s fully protected against dust and water ingress, making it a reliable choice for outdoor installation.

It operates effectively in a temperature range of -20 to +40 degrees Celsius, offering versatility in various climates and outdoor settings.

Aluminium Construction with Convection Cooling

Built with a durable aluminium construction and convection cooling, the StarColor128 is designed for longevity and efficiency.

This design ensures the flood light remains cool during prolonged use, maintaining optimal performance and extending the life of the LEDs. This robust construction makes it suitable for various architectural lighting applications.

StarColor128 Wash Light Aluminium Construction with Convection Cooling

Key Details

  • The BeamZ StarColor128 is a durable, weatherproof LED wall wash flood light, ideal for outdoor settings, and built to withstand diverse weather conditions effectively
  • This flood light features 16 powerful 8W RGBW LEDs, offering exceptional colour mixing capabilities for vibrant and dynamic lighting, suitable for various architectural needs
  • Constructed with high-quality aluminium and equipped with convection cooling, the StarColor128 ensures longevity and efficient heat dissipation, maintaining optimal performance
  • Designed for outdoor installation, the StarColor128 boasts an IP65 rating and operates efficiently in temperatures ranging from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius, making it highly versatile
  • Offering up to 10 channel DMX control and stand-alone modes, this flood light provides flexibility in operation, catering to both complex and straightforward lighting setups
  • The StarColor128 includes versatile mounting options, allowing for easy installation in various locations, enhancing its adaptability for different architectural lighting scenarios
  • The LEDs in the StarColor128 are not only bright but also energy-efficient, making the flood light a cost-effective solution for long-term outdoor lighting projects


  • Compact flood light
  • IP65 Rating, for indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust Aluminium housing
  • 16x 8W 4-in-1 LEDs
  • RGBW colour mixing
  • White led color temperature: 6200K
  • DMX Channels: 4/8/10
  • Pre-programmed shows
  • No fan, convection cooling via cooling ribs
  • 16-bit PWM dimming
  • Colour: Black 
  • Control panel with LED display
  • Waterproof connectors, DMX and Power Connector TR (in/out)
  • For architectural and entertainment use


  • Light source: 4-in-1 LED
  • LED colours: Red, Green, Blue, White
  • LED power : 8
  • Quantity of LEDs: 16
  • Beam angle: 19
  • Field angle: 40
  • Illuminance: 17902 lx @ 1m
  • Flash rate per second: 1 - 24Hz
  • DMX channels: 4, 8, 10
  • DMX connector: 3-pin XLR
  • Modes: Automatic programs, DMX
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Cooling: Convection
  • Display: LED
  • Power plug: Power-connector TR
  • Power consumption: 1.97 - 0.92A
  • Power supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 230 x 240 x 120 mm
  • Weight: 3.4000
  • Accessories: DMX cable, Mounting bracket, Power cable
  • MPN: 150.730-US

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