PD GIGCase62R Heavy Duty Pick Foam Hard Case – 385 x 295 x 170mm


Key Features

  • 385 x 295 x 170mm universal case
  • Multi-layered diced pluck-out foam for custom shapes
  • Rubber-coated carry handle and a hard external shell
  • Fully shock, dust, and water-proof with weatherproof seal
  • Durable easy-open latches and stackable design
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PD GIGCase62R Heavy Duty Pick Foam Hard Case - 385 x 295 x 170mm £61.00

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The PD-GIGCASE62R is a universal hard case, precisely dimensioned at 385 x 295 x 170mm, engineered to cater to a wide range of storage and transportation needs. Ideal for professionals from various sectors such as music, lighting, photography, and technical trades, this heavy duty hard case offers unparalleled protection for equipment. Its compact size is deceivingly spacious, allowing for the safe storage of a variety of items while maintaining a manageable size for easy handling and transport.

Internally, the PD-GIGCASE62R features multi-layered diced pluck-out foam, providing the flexibility to create custom shapes for securely housing equipment of various sizes and configurations. This pick foam case is perfect for users who require a tailored fit for their items, ensuring they remain stationary and well-protected during transit. The adaptability of the foam interior is especially advantageous for delicate or irregularly shaped equipment, offering a personalised fit that greatly reduces the risk of damage.

Durability and ease of use are at the forefront of the PD-GIGCASE62R’s design. It comes with a rubber-coated carry handle, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during transportation. The case’s hard external shell is built to withstand rough handling and impacts, providing peace of mind that the contents are safeguarded in even the most challenging environments.

Protection against the elements is a key feature of the PD-GIGCASE62R, being fully shock, dust, and water-proof, complete with a weatherproof seal. This comprehensive protection ensures that the contents of the case are shielded from environmental factors, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use or in scenarios where exposure to harsh conditions is likely. Whether it’s used in a rugged field environment or a busy event setting, this universal hard case reliably guards against water, dust, and potential hazards.

Completing the PD-GIGCASE62R’s design are durable easy-open latches and a stackable exterior, enhancing its practicality and storage efficiency. The stackable feature is particularly useful for users with multiple cases, allowing for organised and space-saving stacking during storage or transport. The easy-open latches ensure quick and hassle-free access to the contents, while the stackable design simplifies organisation and handling.

Key Details

  • Universal equipment case measuring at 385 x 295 x 170mm externally
  • Multi-layered diced pluck-out foam for custom shapes and tailored equipment fitting
  • Rubber-coated carry handle and a hard external shell
  • Fully shock, dust, and water-proof with weatherproof seal for protection against the elements
  • Durable easy-open latches and stackable design for space-efficient storage


  • Hard-shelled Case
  • Side handles
  • Strong, easy open latches
  • Pressure release valve – easy to open
  • Shock-resistant with multi foam layer system
  • Easy customization with diced pluck out foam
  • Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof with weatherproof seal
  • Ultraviolet resistant
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Ergonomic, rubber covered handle
  • Keyholes to attach to your cable lock(not included) for multiple protection


  • Product colour: Black
  • Dimensions: Top Height: 35mm
  • Dimensions: Bottom Height: 105mm
  • Dimensions: Internal: 350 x 235 x 140mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 385 x 295 x 170mm
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Weight: 2.5000

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