13x BeamZ KUBE20WH Linkable Outdoor Battery Powered Wireless Uplights


Key Features

  • Thirteen linkable battery par lights
  • 20W LED with RGBAW-UV colour mixing per fixture
  • IP65 weatherproof design for outdoor applications
  • Wireless DMX, automatic, and WiFi app control
  • Seamless linking between fixtures for unique setups
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The BeamZ Kube20WH offers a comprehensive lighting solution with a set of thirteen linkable battery par lights, marking a significant advancement for professionals in the fields of stage, TV, film, and standard uplighting applications. Each fixture is powered by a robust 20W LED that facilitates RGBAW-UV colour mixing, providing a vast spectrum of hues and tones for any project requirement. This feature underscores the product’s versatility, making it an ideal multi-purpose light for a wide range of professional settings.

A standout feature of the BeamZ Kube20WH is its seamless linking between fixtures, enabling unique and complex lighting setups. This capability allows for the creation of intricate pixel effects and customised lighting arrangements, offering endless creative possibilities for stage lighting effects and enhancing the visual appeal of any venue.

The BeamZ Kube20WH kit exemplifies a multi-purpose light that excels in various professional settings, including stage, TV, and film productions, as well as serving as an exceptional uplighter. Its robust design, combined with advanced colour mixing and flexible control options, provides a comprehensive lighting solution that meets the high demands of industry professionals.

Advanced Colour Mixing

The 20W LED technology incorporated into each fixture stands out for its superior RGBAW-UV colour mixing. This technology enables precise and vibrant colour creation, essential for TV studio lighting, film production lights, and creating dynamic stage lighting effects. The inclusion of both amber and UV light extends the colour palette.

Outdoor Ready Design

Engineered for resilience, the IP65 weatherproof design of the BeamZ Kube20WH ensures reliable performance in outdoor applications. This characteristic is vital for TV production lights and film production lights, which often require outdoor shooting in varying weather conditions. The weatherproof feature guarantees that the creativity of your project is never hindered by the elements.

Wireless Control Flexibility

Flexibility in control is a cornerstone of the BeamZ Kube20WH, featuring options for wireless DMX, automatic, and WiFi app control. This array of control mechanisms enhances the usability of the fixtures for wireless uplighters, allowing seamless adaptation to any production environment.

Package Includes

  • 13x BeamZ KUBE20WH Linkable Wireless Uplights – White

Key Details

  • Thirteen linkable battery par lights that are ideal for stage shows, events, and TV or film productions
  • 20W LED with RGBAW-UV colour mixing per fixture, providing bright light washes in any colour
  • IP65 weatherproof design for outdoor applications, staying fully protected in harsh weather conditions
  • Wireless DMX, automatic, and WiFi app control, allowing for flexible lighting control to suit your application
  • Seamless linking between fixtures for unique setups and pixel effects, allowing unhindered creativity


BeamZ Professional KUBE20WH Linkable Battery Uplight Outdoor
  • Battery-operated linkable wash light
  • Light source: 20W 6-in-1 LED
  • RGBWA-UV colour mixing
  • Sturdy aluminium housing
  • Built-in Lithium battery
  • Up to 12 hours operating time (depending on intensity)
  • Recharge time of 5 hours
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Automatic programs with adjustable speed
  • 0-100% electronic dimmer
  • Built-in wireless WDMX
  • Control panel with OLED display
  • Strobe with selectable speed
  • Selectable colour fade and flash
  • Including bracket and coupling accessories
  • Including Lens filters
  • IR remote control
  • Colour: white


BeamZ Professional KUBE20WH Linkable Battery Uplight Outdoor
  • Product colour: White
  • Light source: Single colour LED
  • LED colours: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, Ultra Violet
  • LED power (single LED): 20W
  • Quantity of LEDs: 1
  • Illuminance: 1.849 lx @ 1m
  • Beam angle: 24 degree
  • Field angle: 47 degree
  • Flash rate per second: 0 - 30Hz
  • IP rating: IP65
  • DMX connection: Wireless DMX
  • Wireless DMX protocol: WDMX
  • Battery: 7.4V - 6.8Ah
  • Power supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (9V Adapter)
  • Power plug: External power supply
  • Included accessories: Remote control (wireless), Mounting bracket, Power cable
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 125 x 140 x 149mm (with bracket) 110 x 95 x 110mm (without bracket)
  • Weight: 1.3500
  • MPN: 150.641

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Venue Type

Architectural & Building Uplighting, Bars & Nightclubs, Event Lighting, Internal Venue Uplighting, Theatre & Stage

Fixture Type

Battery Uplighters Packages, Weatherproof Lights Packages


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