BeamZ F1600 Pro DMX Haze Machine in Flightcase


Key Features

  • 1600W DMX haze machine system
  • 3250ml removable fluid tank
  • Digital timer operation and DMX control
  • 3 minute warm up and continuous output
  • Live-in flightcase for transport and storage
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BeamZ F1600 Pro DMX Haze Machine in Flightcase

The BeamZ F1600 Pro DMX Haze Machine is a professional-grade smoke hazer, designed to enhance stage performances and venue lighting effects. It features a powerful 1600W heating element, quick warm-up time, and a large 3250ml fluid tank for prolonged use.

This DMX hazer offers control for adjusting output volume and fan speed, alongside a stand-alone mode with timer settings for automated bursts. It's housed in a durable flight case for easy transport and setup and is ideal for creating an immersive atmosphere, enhancing lighting effects and providing a continuous haze output.

Designed for professional events companies and theatre stage lighting, the F1600 hazer machine produces a continuous fine mist to greatly enhance a venue's effects lighting systems, maximising their effectiveness.

Digital Timer Operation and DMX Control

The F1600 features precise digital timer operation via its easy-to-use keypad and LCD display.

DMX control allows for exact customizations of the haze output density and burst duration time, including a constant output setting, essential for creating the desired ambience in various event lighting setups.

F1600 Haze Machine Digital Timer Operation and DMX Control
F1600 Haze Machine Removable Fluid Tank

3250ml Removable Fluid Tank

This DMX hazer machine features a large 3250ml fluid tank and is extremely efficient, reducing the need for frequent refills and ensuring uninterrupted performance during extended events or theatrical productions.

The tank is removable for easy filling and cleaning.

Live-in Flightcase for Transport and Storage

The F1600 hazer machine comes in a custom live-in flightcase that makes it convenient to transport and store, ensuring it remains in top condition between uses.

Heavy-duty ball corners, butterfly latches and flip-out carry handles make this the perfect hazer machine for event lighting work.

F1600 Hazer Machine Flightcase for Transport and Storage

Key Details

  • The 1600W power output of this DMX Haze Machine ensures efficient and effective haze distribution, suitable for large venues and professional settings
  • The 3250ml removable fluid tank reduces the need for frequent refills, enhancing the machine's usability during long events or performances
  • Digital timer operation and DMX Control offers precise control over the haze output, allowing for customization to match specific event requirements
  • 3 minute warm-up time and a continuous haze output setting ensure a steady atmosphere, ideal for maintaining ambience in various settings
  • The durable live-in flight case design ensures easy and safe transport, as well as secure storage of the haze machine
  • The machine allows for adjusting both the haze output and fan speed, giving users complete control over the density and spread of the haze
  • Its solid build ensures durability and reliability, making it suitable for regular use in various professional environments


  • Continuous spraying after the first warm-up time
  • Adjustable exhaust and fan speed
  • DMX and stand-alone mode
  • Works with plain smoke
  • Rugged flight case
  • DMX input / output via 3-pin XLR
  • Power connector input


  • Heating element: 1200W
  • Heat-up time (minutes): 3
  • DMX channels: 2
  • Power supply: 220-240Vac - 50Hz
  • Dimensions (mm): 600 x 370 x 250
  • Weight: 14kg
  • MPN: 160.513

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Power Rating

1000W – 1999W

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