Brett Newton

Brett Newton

Industry veteran with a wealth of technical and practical knowledge.

I might now be considered an industry veteran, but my journey began with a deep fascination for engineering from a young age. After school, I started as an apprentice at a major car manufacturer, where I gained a foundational understanding of electrical and mechanical concepts. Little did I know, these skills would seamlessly transition into my later career.

My interest in sound and lighting equipment was sparked by listening to my brother’s DJing in his bedroom. I soon found myself drawn to DJing as well, and this passion quickly became a significant part of my life. I also developed an enthusiasm for lighting and lasers, leading me to build custom lighting rigs for various parties. My curiosity extended to audio equipment, and before long, I was constructing scoop bass bins from old wardrobes.

In my early twenties, my career took a turn towards sales at a small disco equipment company. This role was one of several I held in the industry over a few years before embarking on my own venture. I founded a sound and lighting business, which I managed for a decade, handling sales, rentals, event organisation, and installations. My work earned me respect in the industry, particularly for the brands I represented. Notably, I played a key role in introducing the UK to the laser effects boom in 2010, being the first to import non-gas powered RGB laser models.

By my mid-thirties, the challenges of running a business led me to seek employment again. Destiny Entertainments, a former employer, expressed interest in leveraging my expertise and technical background for their sales team.

Now, I oversee the professional and installation aspect of the business, managing everything from PA systems and stages to truss structures, roofs, lighting design, and various other projects. We’ve achieved significant milestones, and I’m confident many more successes will come as we continue to grow.
So, it seems, I am indeed a veteran in this field!

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